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Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading proposes
a gfunh,gsafe and secureh, ghealthyh, gcomfortableh, and gconvenienth
lifestyle to consumers through a variety of functions and products.

1. From product planning to manufacturing and sales.
    Utilizing Toshiba technology and manufacturing know-how.

Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading inherits the manufacturing know-how of Toshiba home electronics to plan, develop, manufacture, and sell a wide variety of products that matches
the needs of the times. These products include reliable and sure quality products such as portable audio (CD radio cassette players, radios, headphones), speaker systems for digital audio equipment (Bluetooth® speakers), theater racks for LCD TVs, digital video cameras, security conversation recording equipment, ultrasonic cleaners, wall-mounted fans, and more.

2. Selecting and procuring superior products through
    the experienced eyes of professionals.

In order to flexibly accommodate diversifying consumer lifestyles such as low-birth rate and aging societies, Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading offers a wide-ranging variety of not only Toshiba products, but products
from other manufacturers as well. Through the discerning eyes honed through many years of manufacturing,
we select over 7,000 items that range from kitchen electronics, small battery-powered white goods, various
PA system products, communication and information equipment, massage equipment, health products such
as physical condition check equipment, housing equipment, even residential renovations that include built-in kitchens, baths and home stair lifts. Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading assists customers in achieving a rich lifestyle.

3.Conducting business on a global scale.

Production, procurement, and even sales of the products that Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading handle are conducted not just domestically, but globally as well. By linking the safety and quality control systems based on the experience cultivated through our domestic business with the Toshiba sales network that spreads around the world from the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and more, we conduct business on a global scale.

4. Acting as an agent for corporate customers

Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading also engages in the mobile phone mediation business for corporate customers, acting as an agent for companies in the communications business to propose and sell corporate customers - mainly Toshiba group companies - mobile phones, PHSs, tablet terminals, and non-voice communications equipment such as Wi-Fi routers, as well as plans optimal for customer needs.

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