Privacy Policy


Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Our Company") feels that protecting our customers' privacy and personal information (hereinafter "Personal Information") is the foundation of Our Company's business activities and Our Company's social responsibility. The following is Our Company's basic policies regarding the handling of Personal Information in Japan. Customers may use the majority of our services (including services on Our Company's website) without divulging Personal Information. However, there are some services that are unavailable without providing Personal Information. In the following examples, we ask that you provide your Personal Information within the necessary scope in order to increase the quality of our service for your convenience and to provide you with services that better match your needs.

  • Registering for various member services
  • Answering surveys
  • Applying for or participating in contests, prizes, and other events
  • Applying to participate in exhibitions, seminars, training sessions, and the like
  • Providing maintenance services

We define "Personal Information" as information that can distinguish a customer. Information that distinguishes a customer includes a customer's name, age, birth date, telephone number, e-mail address, home address, and so on. With one or a combination of several of these points we are able to specify a customer.

1.Basic principles

The following are Our Company's three basic privacy principles.

1)We will state our purpose for use, and we will use Personal Information for that purpose only.

When we ask a customer to provide us with Personal Information, we will inform them first of our purpose for the information, and only use the information provided within the scope of that purpose. Should a situation arise where we need to use a customer's Personal Information beyond the scope of the purpose we first informed the customer of, we shall contact the customer beforehand of that purpose. Should the customer not consent to the use of their Personal Information for this new purpose, at the customer's discretion they can deny use for this purpose.#Should a customer not wish to provide Our Company with their Personal Information, at the customer's discretion they can refuse to provide us with Personal Information. (However, should said Personal Information be necessary to provide a service we may be unable to provide said service.)

2)We will not disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party Except in the situations below, in general we will not disclose or provide Personal Information provided by a customer to a third party.

  • With a customer's approval.
  • If we determine that Toshiba Lifestyle Products And Services Corporation group companies or distributor can better answer a customer's question.
  • If we commission an external party which has signed a non-disclosure agreement beforehand for receiving submissions for campaigns and prizes.
  • Should a financial institution require information pertinent for processing credit cards and other forms of payment for goods or services.
  • Should we receive a legal order to disclose Personal Information.
  • Should our business operations continue through merger, business divisionalization, transfer, or other reason.

3)We will strictly and appropriately manage customer Personal Information

We will appropriately and carefully manage our customers' Personal Information. We will also take strict security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information.

2. Questions regarding Personal Information

Should you wish to check your Personal Information, please contact the department providing the service you submitted your Personal Information for. (Or the webmaster should you have submitted your Personal Information by internet.)
In order to prevent oversights in providing customer Personal Information to third parties, we shall only give a customer the Personal Information that Our Company is storing if we can confirm the customer's identity. We will revise or delete old or incorrect information upon request from a customer once we have confirmed the customer's identity.

3. Handling Personal Information of minors

Our Company takes special care in safeguarding the information of minors under 16 years old. A minor must have the consent of a legal guardian before providing us with Personal Information.

4. Cookies and web beacons


Cookies are small packets of information sent to a customer's web browser by the web server to facilitate internet operation. Our Company uses cookies to customize our website to a customer's individual needs as well as to improve our website's content and services to better satisfy you. You can set your browser to disable acceptance of cookies, or to notify you when receiving cookies. However, this may restrict the use of certain personalizing functions.

Web beacons

Web beacons (clear GIFs) are a technology that uses cookies and allows us to understand our customers' computer access status and generate statistics on a specific web page's usage rate. Our Company's web site may use web beacons to statistically obtain information to improve our website. Our Company does not gather Personal Information through web beacons, but you can disable our web beacons by restricting cookies in your browser.

5. Miscellaneous

Our Company strictly observes all laws and regulations applicable to the Personal Information that you provide.
Our Company may revise our Personal Privacy Policy to better protect your Personal Information or with changes to Japanese laws.
Our Company takes no responsibility for ensuring the safety of a customer's Personal Information on other websites linked to on Our Company's website.
Please visit our Website (contact us) regarding questions about this web page.