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Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading offers and actively deploys
mobile terminals and optimal communications plans
that meet corporate customer needs.

Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading sells smartphones, feature phones, PHSs, tablet terminals, as well as non-voice communications equipment such as Wi-Fi routers to mainly Toshiba group companies as well as other corporate customers.

Although we are a primary agent for KDDI, we also offer NTT and SoftBank products to meet your requirements.

Using our many years of experience and our abundant mobile terminal know-how accumulated through our transactions with numerous companies, Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading offers terminal equipment and optimal communications plans that match the needs of each company.

Not only do we offer equipment for purchase, we also offer various support services following implementation of the equipment.

Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading offers detailed and careful services to meet a variety of requirements such as implementing corporate contracts for personal terminals used for company business, replacing aging corporate contract mobile phones with newer phones, bringing down communication costs, and more. Please consult with us regardless of the number of contracted units.

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