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Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading is looking for
collaboration (business) partners to plan, develop, and deploy
new products and businesses using the Toshiba Group infrastructure.

We are looking for a wide variety of business partners and new clients in Japan and abroad to sell and deploy Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading brand products, Toshiba branded OEM products, jointly develop new products and businesses, as well as to have Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading handle products from your brands.

We look forward to proposals in not only home electronic products but also in a wide variety of industries such as kitchen products, lifestyle products, housing equipment, commercial equipment, and more.

Sales Infrastructure

In addition to the approximately 4,000 Toshiba Stores in Japan, Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading also conducts business with local electronics stores, mass retailers, home improvement stores and retail stores around the country via the Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation. With our global network that spans across Asia, American and European countries, and even the Middle East and Africa, we act as a source for sending appealing products around the entire world.

Logistics Infrastructure

Centered in the two hubs of the Kanto and Kansai areas, Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading possesses a logistics network that connects with locations around Japan using the Toshiba Logistics network.

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